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Eat Fat Get Thin!
« : 08 de marzo de 2010, 10:19:36 pm »
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Eat Fat Get Thin! By Barry Groves
Publisher: E-dition 2006 | 334 Pages | ISBN: 0091825938 | PDF | 6.44 MB

Do you like the idea of bacon and eggs for breakfast? Would you enjoy a lunch of roast salmon and a satisfying dinner accompanied by wine? The Eat Fat Get Thin diet will allow you to do just that: the emphasis being on what you eat rather than how many calories the food contains. The rules are simple keep your carbohydrates to a minimum by cutting out bread, potatoes and cereals, leave out the sugar, eat only the good fats and concentrate on protein rich foods. The beauty of the Eat Fat Get Thin diet is that you will never go hungry. Eat Fat Get Thin proves that the diet on which it is most difficult to lose weight is a low-fat high carbohydrate diet. In fact, a century of studies and medical trials has consistently demonstrated that for safe wight loss a
high fat diet is best. Eat Fat Get Thin is the diet on which you can reach your desired weight easily and maintain it - for life.

From the Author
Eat Fat, Get Thin -- the natural way to a healthy slim body
Fact: No animal in its natural habitat gets fat. Fact: Obesity is also noticeably
absent in primitive human cultures. Fact: The only animals to become overweight on this planet are 'civilised' Man -- and his pets.
This is highly significant.
We do not get fat because we eat too much (although many do). If that were the cause, other species with an ample food supply would also get fat -- yet they don't. In fact, the only animals in their natural environment who are genetically disposed to put on fat are those whose food supply is not guaranteed.Surely everyone who has lost weight by starving (which is what low-calorie dieting is) only to put it back on again, must know that 'dieting' does not work.
It doesn't work because it is unnatural.
Many animals, including us, have evolved the ability to store energy as fat in case of times when food is scarce. If we do not eat enough the body fights to retain fat. For this reason low-fat, low-calorie dieting forces our bodies to conserve energy -- it is a recipe for weight gain.The way to lose weight is firstly to eat as much energy as your body needs, and secondly to eat foods that we, as a species, have evolved and are genetically programmed to eat.Eat Fat, Get Thin! Looks at our evolution; it tells how the body works and why low-fat, low-calorie diets ultimately lead to weight gain; and, lastly it guides the reader on the correct way to eat so that the body's own energy-regulating mechanisms work correctly. Because, if you let it, your body can count calories far more accurately than you can.At age 62 my wife, Monica, is fit and healthy, eating as much as she wants. She is 5 ft 6 ins tall and weighs just 124 lbs. When a friend, who has been on and off diets for most of her life, found that we lived the way I write about in Eat Fat, Get Thin! she said to Monica: "do you mean you have been dieting for thirty-six years?"
Monica's answer was, "No, we have been eating normally for thirty-six years!"

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